Perform up to 30% better when you warm up on the ORSIM

Research shows that just 5 minutes warm up ahead of using a flexible bronchoscope sees a 30% increase in speed and accuracy.

The ORSIM should be on hand in all well-equipped operating suites.

Research facts

  • 30% increase in speed1,2
  • 25% Improvement in performance1,2
  • Faster upskilling, greater accuracy3,4
  1. Samuelson ST, Burnett G, Sim AJ, Hofer I, Weinberg AD, Goldberg A, Chang TS, DeMaria S Jr. Simulation as a set-up for technical proficiency: can a virtual warm-up improve live fibre-optic intubation? Br J Anaesth. 2016 Mar;116(3):398-404. 
  2. Wong DT, Mehta A, Singh KP, Leong SM, Ooi A, Niazi A, You-Ten E, Okrainec A, Patel R, Singh M, Wong J. The effect of virtual reality bronchoscopy simulator training on performance of bronchoscopic-guided intubation in patients: A randomised controlled trial. Eur J Anaesthesiol. 2019 Mar;36(3):227-233
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  4. Ungureanu, Narcis & Vaidyanah, C & Mendonca, Cyprian. (2015). Randomised Comparison of ORSIM™ Bronchoscopy Simulator and Dexter® Endoscopy Trainer in Improving Fibreoptic Endoscopy Skills of Anaesthetic Trainees. 10.13140/RG.2.1.1462.6161.

Developed over 15 years by a world-leading airway management specialist

Dr Paul Baker developed the ORSIM to help train and support anesthesiologists and other practitioners who regularly need to use flexible bronchoscopes.

The simulator was pioneered in his practice and is now the specialist simulator of choice in airway management courses at world-leading institutions.


Associate Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology, University of Auckland. President Elect, Society for Airway Management.

Explore the features

The widest range of realistic difficult airways

The ORSIM includes 30 scenarios with 12 common and uncommon difficult airways, perfect for anesthesiologists and those regularly intubating. There are booster packs of 12 for Pediatric specialists and 15 for Pulmonologists. Explore some examples below.

Portable, powerful, specialised & always improving

The ORSIM is a specialist flexible bronchoscope simulator with the largest library of difficult airways, tests and challenges, and an ever-expanding range.

  • User-friendly interface

  • Small and lightweight (9kg/19lbs)

  • Laptop compatible

  • Easily stored in a drawer

  • Easily transported in a hardcase

  • Rapid start-up

  • Robust construction

Used by world-leading airway management courses and simulation centers.

ORSIM users markedly improve speed, accuracy and deviation measures

In up to 50% of cases where a difficult airway occurs, it is unexpected. It’s vital to be  practiced and confident navigating a range of common and uncommon difficult airways.

On hand in the best operating suites in the world

ORSIM has been an indispensable training tool in our department for the past 10 years helping trainees and consultants to improve fibre optic skills. It perfectly supplements clinical exposure and provides objective assessment of performance in an environment that is safe for trainees and supervisors.

Dr Gunjeet Dua

Consultant Anaesthetist & Education Lead, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals
Founder & Course Director, Guy’s Advanced Airway Course
Clinical Content Lead, Royal College of Anaesthetists

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